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Introducing our Elegant Edition mirror (6 button)

Thoughtfully crafted with an extensive array of features to enhance your daily grooming experience. This line boasts a comprehensive suite of functionalities, including a versatile color-changing function with dimming options, enabling you to tailor the lighting ambiance to your preferences, whether it be warm white, cool white, or daylight illumination.

Additionally, enjoy the added convenience of a defogging feature, ensuring clarity and uninterrupted visibility with a simple touch. Furthermore, seamlessly integrate your devices via Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy immersive audio playback through the embedded high-fidelity speakers.

Elevate your space with sophistication and innovation - Invogue Mirrors epitomizes exceptional features and unparalleled quality.

Presenting our Simplistic Edition mirror (Single button)

A remarkable addition to any space. This collection is characterized by its practical features, including a touch sensor for LED light control and a built-in defogger, ensuring consistently clear reflections without hassle.

While it may not boast the same level of sophistication as other models, its simplicity lends itself perfectly to settings such as powder rooms or for those who prefer functionality over complexity. Rest assured, Invogue Mirrors delivers unparalleled quality across all its offerings.