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Siena Mirror Cabinet - (Lux)

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Size | 60cm w x 90cm h x 14cm d

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Experience the timeless beauty of the Siena Mirror Cabinet. Elevate your bathroom with an effortless touch of luxury and sophistication with this exquisite cabinet.

Our mirrors are equipped with cutting-edge LED technology, providing optimal lighting that enhances visibility and adds a radiant ambiance to your space. 

Integrated Smart Features

  • Touch Sensor Controls: Easily adjust lighting and other features with user-friendly touch sensor controls.
  • Demister Function: Say goodbye to foggy mirrors with the built-in demister technology, ensuring a clear reflection at all times.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Our luxury range include Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect your devices for an immersive audio experience.
  • Dimmable Function: The dimmable function allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED lights to your preference. Whether you need bright lighting for grooming tasks or a softer glow for a relaxing bath, these mirrors provide the flexibility to set the perfect ambiance. The dimmable feature of Invogue LED Mirrors offers a blend of practicality and luxury, making them a perfect choice for those who seek functionality without compromising on style and ambiance.

Elevate your space with the epitome of innovation and superior craftsmanship - Invogue Mirrors delivers unrivalled features and uncompromising quality.

  • Rectangular design featuring double-sided mirror doors for 360-degree visibility.
  • Front-lit LED lighting provides generous illumination for grooming.
  • Dimmable feature to customise the ambiance further
  • LED light adjustable (warm white, cool white and daylight).
  • High-quality built-in speakers offer an exceptional auditory experience.
  • Built-in defogging feature ensures a clear, steam-free reflection every time (intelligent 1-hour timer, automatically shuts off to conserve energy.)
  • Copper-free mirror ensures corrosion resistance.
  • Soft-closing hinges.
  • Includes an internal power point 
  • Concealed wire technology reduces visible wires connecting the doors to the carcass.
  • Easy-to-use touch sensors activate each function of the mirror cabinet.
  • Brushed aluminium cabinet finish with two aluminium shelves.
  • Can be semi-recessed into walls to save space

Make a stylish statement in your space while maximising space efficiency. Moreover, seamlessly connect your devices via Bluetooth to experience immersive audio playback through the integrated high-quality speakers

Safety is paramount for Invogue Mirrors. This mirror has undergone rigorous testing in accordance with AS/NZS 60598.1 and AS/NZS 60598.2.1 standards and SAA accredited, it meets the highest safety norms, ensuring peace of mind.

At Invogue Mirrors we take pride in offering products that meet high industry standards and exceptional quality. All of our products include a 2 year warranty.

  • Variant: 60cm w x 90cm h x 14cm d
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