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LED Bathroom Mirrors
Transform your bathroom into a haven of both opulence and utility by exploring our selection of Invogue LED Smart Mirrors. These mirrors strike a flawless equilibrium between elegance and functionality, providing opportunities for enhancements and personalization. Invogue offer captivating mirror options to elevate the aesthetics of any bathroom.

LED Shaving Cabinets
Coming soon. Explore the perfect fusion of style and utility with our LED Shaving Cabinets. These cabinets redefine both sophistication and functionality in any bathroom setting.

Make-up Mirrors
The super-slim design of our make-up mirrors makes them highly portable and easy to carry in your purse or travel bag. Their compact design saves valuable space in your purse/ luggage or vanity area.
The inclusion of a 10x magnified face on the mirror enhances its utility further by providing a close-up view for detailed makeup application, precise grooming, and skincare routines, making it an even more valuable travel accessory. The built-in LED lights provide bright and even illumination, ensuring that you have optimal lighting in any environment. These mirrors are so versatile and can be used for multiple tasks including makeup application, skincare routines, and personal grooming. With a rechargeable battery, you don't need to worry about
replacing batteries, and you can charge it easily using a common micro-USB cable. LED lighting consumes less power, ensuring longer usage between charges. Having a reliable mirror with magnification and LED lighting can be invaluable in helping you maintain your appearance and grooming routines even when travelling or on the go.

Custom Mirrors
Please reach out to us via email ( or via phone (1300 108 625) to discuss your personalized mirror needs.